Diary: USCG picks up on the training value of 'cog'

We all know how adland likes to pat itself on the back at every possible occasion. And in the true spirit of self-admiration, there's nothing the industry likes more than an awards ceremony. If it's not the Cannes festival, it's the BTAA golds or there's always the chance to scoop a D&AD Pencil. But it's not every day that a commanding officer from the US coast guard sends a request to use your prized commercial for internal training purposes.

Apparently, attention to detail is taken seriously by the US military and at the US Coast Guard Training Centre in California, they think Wieden & Kennedy's Honda "cog" is an excellent illustration of this.

The mind boggles at how they plan to incorporate the much-vaunted ad into their regime. There wouldn't seem to be much relevance of studying an ad featuring the inner workings of a car when training to be a coast guard. It could only happen in the US.