Diary: Web witter

On a French weekly newspaper print ad, credited to Saatchi & Saatchi France, which was dubbed 'offensive' and 'moronic' for suggesting that if the twin towers of the World Trade Center had been shorter, the jets flown into them would have missed their targets (from Brand Republic).

- Sue Turner

How do you say "f*ckwits" in French? Anyone?

- Matt Black

Le f*ckwit?

- James Walters

Are those French military jets flying away just as fast as their cheese surrender monkey backsides will fly them? I could be wrong.

- MM

@James. You are wrong. It's "cheese-eating surrender monkeys".

- IllegalGoods

Look. 9/11 was an international disaster on American soil. People from all around the world were affected. Not only Americans. From a creative point of view, the ad works and is smart. It may be ill-judged and badly timed (or well-timed, depending on which way you look at it). I am sure you have all joked about some tragic event before. What makes this different?

- Sue Turner

@IllegalGoods. Anyone with your twisted logic has to either work for them or be on a different planet. Grow up and show some sensitivity.

- Iain Morrison

Hollywood thought it appropriate to turn the tragedy into a blockbuster in 2005. Although a few more years have passed, this should have been rejected at scamp stage. A collective head-hanging-in-shame moment for all, please.