Diary: Web witter

On Anomaly's first work for Diesel since winning the account in September.

- April Feeney

Oh dear ...

- Dominic Martin

Is this for their new Emperor range? Honestly, what a load of utter tosh. It's not edgy. It's not fresh. It's just scared of its audience and trying to out-freak them. Balls.

- Jonathan Read

I thought that Anomaly's positioning was to produce brave, original, effective advertising. And I would have thought that a confident brand like Diesel would have the balls to reject uninspired, lazy creative work like this. Damaging to both parties IMHO.

- Caitlin Hayes

The ad industry will love it. The audience will be a bit 'meh'.

- Richard Hayter

All trying a little too hard ...

And Media Square acquiring the advertising agency CST.

- Richard Hayter

Brilliant news. Welcome, Dave, Gordon, Stephen, Sheta and the rest of the team.

- Chris Betley

Congratulations to CST, Media Square and The Gate - sounds like a good deal all round.

- Grilla Login

Dave, by getting you, the other two got the better part of the deal.

- Dave Trott

Thanks, Richard. I always fancied working at an agency in the Far East.

- Richard Hayter

We're not THAT far East, Dave.

But we do have a Hong Kong office ...