Diary: Will Collinho makes a big splash in Brazil's adland

Will Collin, the Naked Communications partner, is doing a bit of literary spadework should his company ever decide to set up shop in Sao Paulo.

The man playing a key role in helping build Naked's overseas business has been signed up as a columnist for Meio & Mensagam, the Brazilian version of Campaign.

Now those of us at Campaign with gas bills to pay, aren't much enthused about writing for free. However, Collin is happy to impart his wisdom for nothing if it helps get Naked talked about down South America way.

Mind you, he confesses, it helps that his Latin American audience lack the broad breadth of knowledge that Campaign readers have.

There's just one problem. Collin's columns have to be translated into Portuguese and his burgeoning base of e-mailing fans actually think he speaks the language.