Diary: Would-be boss of the Beeb has been going radio ga ga

On the off-chance that some of you may be the radio hams tuning in online to sample the delights of South Kilburn FM, Diary has some news concerning the presenter of the station's Late Breakfast Show, Toby Kellogg, and his sidekick, Smedley Makepiece.

The duo, you see, are not all that they seem, because they happen to be two of adland's old stagers.

Kellogg, host of a "mellifluous yet meaty melange of marvellous music, pithy comment, challenging phone calls, fascinating guests and withering criticisms" (the station's description, not ours), is none other than the ex-JWT creative Richard Phillips, better known as the man behind the "Beattie" commercials.

And what of Makepiece, the programme's media, arts, restaurant and culinary correspondent? If you thought the "mystery voice" belonged to John Bacon, the former joint creative director of FCB and Ogilvy & Mather, you'd be spot on.

The pair have been riding high on the airwaves at the community station for the past three months, and are establishing a bit of a cult following (well, a few of their old agency mates in Australia and South Africa have been calling up).Through the show, the duo have been honing more grandiose aims.

Bacon was recently, and sadly, thwarted in his attempt to become the chairman of the Advertising Standards Authority (Chris Smith got the nod). "Not coming from advertising's lunatic fringe, but its moderately well-behaved one, I thought I could make a contribution," Bacon laments.

Phillips, however, has applied to be the boss of the BBC, having already whizzed off his letter and CV to Tessa Jowell. Among Phillips' novel ideas for revitalising Auntie Beeb are a "celebrity mugging of the week" and "celebrity seances". This would be like Big Brother, except all the participants are dead. How come Michael Grade never thought of that?