Direct news: Direct choice - Mothercare

It's not often you receive a piece of direct mail that you can 'play around' with. This mix 'n' match booklet from Mothercare encourages just that, grabbing the recipient's attention for much longer than an average piece of direct mail.

For any parent who has had to endure mind-bending mornings trying to clothe toddlers according to their own sophisticated tastes, this mailing is endearingly empathetic.

Displaying an intimate understanding of its target audience, the mailing builds on the idea of the little angels' tendencies to dress themselves in their own particular fashion and then dig their heels in (usually pink plastic heels) when you point out that this might not be the best get-up for a wet day in the park.

Mothercare needed to do something to shore up its position in an increasingly competitive market - and this is a good start. The creative ensures the parent feels that someone who understands their world is communicating to them and knows that toddlers are just the best - most of the time.

At the same time, the booklet provides a showcase for Mother-care's range of products that looks better than anything I've seen in its stores for a while.

Direct agency: OgilvyOne.