Disaronno ad with seductive ice cube moment is banned for sexual overtones

LONDON - An ad for liqueur Disaronno, showing a woman seductively putting an ice cube in her mouth, has been banned after the regulator found that it was in breach of guidelines linking sexual pleasure with alcohol consumption.

The ad ran in UK cinemas and showed a woman ordering a Disaronno on the rocks in a bar. After she puts the empty glass down, the barman goes to take it away before she shakes her head and puts her hand on her arm to stop him.

She then takes out one of the ice cubes and puts it in her mouth. The ad finishes with the woman and a group of friends all repeating the gesture and laughing, with the strapline: "Disaronno. Pass the pleasure around".

A complaint was received accusing the ad of being irresponsible because it linked sexual pleasure with alcohol consumption.

First Drinks Brands said that the ad had been cleared by the Cinema Advertising Association and that it was centred around the taste of Disaronno. But the Advertising Standards Authority rejected the argument.

"We considered that the image of the woman touching the barman's arm and placing the ice cube to her mouth conveyed seduction and strong sexual overtones. We concluded that the commercial linked Disaronno with seduction and was therefore in breach of the code," it said in its ruling.

First Drinks Brands said that it had no plans to use the ad again.

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