DoH/Home Office 'know your limits' by United London

This disturbing ad to highlight the dangers of alcohol for the Department of Health and the Home Office, created by United London, shows a superhero character sprinting through a crowd drinking outside a bar in pursuit of two "L-plate" balloons, which have escaped from a hen party. As the balloons drift upwards, the masked hero, dressed in steel-coloured suit like RoboCop or Batman, scales several stories of scaffolding to the amazement of the crowd who watch him flip and jump his way towards the balloons. Finally when the balloons are almost within his grasp he slips as he reaches out to grab them. As he falls, he is revealed not to be a superhero, but a young man dressed in ordinary clothes. The onlookers scream as he falls and hits the ground, and the ad closes gruesomely with a close-up of his splayed out body twitching on the ground.