Down's Syndrome Association 'Josh and friends' by Jelly

The Down's Syndrome Association has launched a 30-second animated ad to raise awareness of the learning disability among children and their parents.

The campaign has been possible through the donation of free airtime, from sales house, Viacom Brand Solution, and media buying agency, Walker Media.

The ad will appear on the Nickelodeon channel during August and the beginning of September, and then again after the Christmas period.

The ad, created by Jelly, features Josh, a boy with Down's Syndrome, and his friend, Billy, who narrates the ad. Billy explains what he admires about Josh and then explains he has Down's Syndrome.

Billy says:  "My Mum says Josh has got Down's Syndrome. That's because he's got an extra chromosome. I don't know what an extra chromosome is, but I wish I had one."