Durden set to face Big Brother eviction via public vote

LONDON - Jonathan Durden is facing eviction from the 'Big Brother' house via a public vote on Friday after receiving five nominations from his fellow housemates.

Durden, one of the founders of media agency PHD and now a partner at ad agency Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, is one of three housemates facing eviction after receiving five nominations.

The other two are Carole, who has been enjoying good-hearted banter with Durden throughout his time in the house, and Seany.

Only one of the housemates can be voted out of the house on Friday.

Housemates last night gave their reasons for nominating Durden in the 'Big Brother' diary room. Nicky, a 28-year-old accounts executive from Watford, said: "He's not very tactful" and felt he was "barking at people" when he was doing the shopping list for the 'Big Brother' kitchen. "He's the one I've bonded with the least".

Laura, a 23-year-old Welsh nanny, also nominated him, saying: "There's something not quite right about him... I can't put my finger on it right now." She added: "We've nothing in common... there's something I don't get about him, something a bit mysterious... nothing fits... his saying he wants to be the centre of attention, but yesterday he never joined in with the games."

Housemates are allowed two nominations, with Durden first nominating Nicky, who had earlier nominated him. Durden said: "She shuts down, she doesn't take part except in cliquey ways... she doesn't like me because she thinks I take away some of her role... I think she's a bit threatened."

Durden then went on to nominate Tracey, a 37-year-old cleaner from Fordham, because of, "...endless catchphrases... 'gravy', everything with 'age' on the end, and 'ave it'... it becomes ever more grinding... I want to know the person".

Voting lines for the public to vote opened last night. The results will be revealed to the house during the first show on Friday and the eviction will then take place during the 10pm programme, when the evictee will be greeted by their friends and family.