Eurostar celebrates 10 years with Glue's Birdman site

LONDON - Eurostar has launched a microsite to promote the high-speed train's 10th anniversary celebrations.

The site, developed by Glue London, ties in with the TV commercial by TBWA\London, which is based on the Birdman of Bognor's attempts to fly to France.

The TV commercial is a comic look at individuals attempts to emulate birds, with all attempts failing except for the Eurostar birdman who makes it to Paris with the number 10 on his back.

The microsite uses quirky illustrations to build on the birdman theme and features prototypes of various mad flying machines. A viral game is hosted on the site -- it features a game with footage of the "ultimate flying machine" and a chance to win Eurostar tickets.

The site will be promoted through a URL on the final frame of the TV ad, Eurostar's first commercial in two years.

Other key drivers to the site will be an email to Eurostar's database, and online advertising will run across sites such as The Guardian, MSN, Yahoo!, Associated New Media and Channel 4.

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