Every Mother Counts 'no Mother's Day' by CHI & Partners New York

Every Mother Counts, an advocacy campaign founded by Christy Turlington to increase education and support for the global reduction of maternal mortality, has launched a campaign.

In the film, celebrity mums including Turlington, Jennifer Connelly and Debra Messing encourage others to join in solidarity by "disappearing" on 13 May, US Mother’s Day, by taking no phone calls, sending no e-mails, not engaging in social media and requesting no gifts. The spot was directed by the film-maker Ed Burns, Turlington's husband.

"We hope this film becomes a pivotal moment in getting people to stop and think about maternal health on a much larger scale," Turlington said. "Nearly 360,000 women die every year from largely preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, and 90 per cent of those deaths are preventable. Once people know the facts, they will want to do what they can and come to us to find ways to engage."