'Family Guy' creator makes Burger King ads for Google show

NEW YORK - Seth McFarlane, the creator of hit animated TV series 'Family Guy', has agreed to create ads for Burger King to run ahead of his new 'Calvacade of Comedy' video clips to be distributed solely through Google.

Google made an agreement with McFarlane last month to distribute a series of 50 two-minute clips of his new animated variety show 'Seth McFarlane's Calvacade of Comedy', which launches next month.

The clips will be syndicated using Google's AdSense network, which can syndicate video content to advertising slots on thousands of websites targeted to reach specific demographics. In this case it will target McFarlane's audience, typically made up of young men.

In an unusual move for a creator of a TV series, McFarlane has also created the animated Burger King ads to play ahead of the 'Calvacade' clips, according to the New York Times.

One of the ads begins with blue velvet curtains being drawn back to reveal an ornate movie screen. Burger King's mascot then bursts through the centre of the screen and runs away, chased by Mayan warriors who are throwing poison darts at him.

McFarlane has created three ads for the fast-food giant, which will play before 10 different 'Calvacade' episodes. In another ad apes on horseback jump through the screen instead of Mayan warriors.