Financial Times 'essential' by DDB UK

The Financial Times has launched a major corporate campaign entitled with the strapline "Some tools aren't a luxury."

The print and outdoor campaign is aimed at positioning the corporate FT subscription as an essential business tool that companies cannot afford to be without.

Three executions, created by DDB UK, feature a paratrooper in freefall, empty-handed arctic explorers and an unarmed police squad. The aim is to convey that although an FT corporate subscription is a cost to your business, the benefits you get in return are invaluable.

Caroline Halliwell, FT’s director of brand & B2B marketing, said: "It is more important than ever for businesses to be equipped with tools that keep them ahead of less well-informed competitors.  The question we want our audience to ask isn't "can we afford to have a subscription" but instead "can we afford not to have one".