Fisherman's Friend 'fond farewell remake' by M-A-D-E

The memorable "fond farewell" commercial, made to promote Fisherman's Friend lozenges more than a quarter-of-a-century ago, has been reshot to support the brand's US launch this week.

The original 1986 30-second spot was created by the Collett Dickenson Pearce-owned Travis Dale. It features a woman urging her boyfriend to take a pack of Fisherman’s Friend with him on what appears to be a hazardous deep-sea fishing voyage. In fact, he is just taking some holidaymakers on a trip around the harbour.

The new version was shot in a remote Norwegian harbour by the Norwegian director Ubbe Haavind. It brought together Peter Travis, the former Travis Dale managing director, who has had a long association with the account, and Mark Andrews, CDP’s one-time head of TV and founder of M-A-D-E, which handled the remake.