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Five smart moves for digital jobs in 2014

The grass is always greener on the other continent, at least that's certainly true for the digital marketing and tech industries. As the internet brings our world ever closer, more people are taking the leap

Whether it’s in pursuit of bigger salaries, new beginnings or a better shot at the top, here are five smart moves for 2014.

Take a big step up:  San José and New York

Boasting the biggest salaries and most US job vacancies in digital (respectively) these two cities on opposite coasts are smart moves for senior digital marketing and coders. San José, home of Silicon Valley is still top dog when it comes to high-earning software engineers.

The higher rate of tax and tough immigration policy makes the US a poor choice for entry-level positions, but a smart move for senior positions. The bonus being you’re much more likely to get a working visa if you have skills an employer is unable to hire from within the US, as these visas have to be employer-sponsored.

Get ahead as a woman: Zhongguancun, China

China tops the world rankings as the biggest employer of women in senior management positions. If you’re looking to climb the job ladder fast, China is your best bet according to a 2013 study from Grant Thornton (, where 51% of people in senior management positions are women. That’s more than double the 24% global average and a lot more than the atrocious 20% in the US and 19% in the UK.

Zhongguancun, often referred to as "The Silicon Valley of China", is the great place to be a woman entering the digital tech space, both for start-ups and as the Chinese headquarters for well-established brands such as Google, Microsoft and Intel (among many others).

Take advantage of a big adspend: Oslo, Norway

If you want to work with a massive digital marketing budget, Norway is the place for you. It topped a 2013 study, making it the biggest spender per internet user for digital advertising.

It gets better if you’re an EU or Swedish citizen. You could take advantage of unrestricted travel across the borders to live in Sweden, and work in Norway. This lets you bypass the higher cost of living and property prices in Norway, while taking full advantage of its superior average wage (second only to Switzerland). 

Get a digital marketing job: London

The numbers are on your side. Jobs going in the digital marketing sector in London are second to none. Even compared to huge US cities, London tops the tables for sheer numbers. It is one place you can’t fail to get a job in digital marketing. According to a popular job site (, there are 12,000-plus jobs for "digital marketing" in London, compared to "5,000" in California and "4,000" in New York.

Because of this, London is in a unique position. With so many of its eight million inhabitants working in the digital industry, there are regular marketing events, expositions, meets, networking events, shows and more. In short, if you want to get into this industry and learn what it’s all about, London is the smartest move for you.

Roll the dice on an emerging market: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil’s unemployment rates are at an all-time low at 4.6%, its economy is steadily growing and the average wage is on the up and up. Its growth is primarily due to the labour market. Brazil might seem like a no-brainer, but it is not a guaranteed safe bet. This would be a smart move for someone entrepreneurial starting in digital marketing, looking to get first dibs on a potentially massive (and growing) market.  

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