Fox's Biscuits 'British biscuit advisory board' by Mother London

Fox's Biscuits has invented a fictitious organisation, the British Biscuit Advisory Board, to educate consumers about the safest way to consume its biscuit bar, the Rocky.

Under the guise of a public information campaign, the TV and print executions, created by Mother, give step-by-step guidelines of safe biscuit ingestion.

Tips such as eating the snack as part of a healthy diet are given a satirical twist in the animated campaign, which uses a sheep and a tomato to illustrate the ideal combination of Rocky bars, meat and vegetables as components of a healthy diet.

Another of the ads gives consumers advise on storage, demonstrating that keeping the bars above room temperature in places such as a toaster or microwave is not advisable, instead the spot proffers the idea of using the tried and tested confectionery receptacle – the biscuit tin.