Fruit Shoot Hydro 'Hydro up'' by BBH

Fruit Shoot Hydro, a new range from Robinsons made from spring water with a hint of natural fruit flavour, is launching its first ad campaign to appeal to active children that need to keep hydrated.

The ad created by BBH features a recreation of a skateboarding video game where the players set out to pick up a bottle of Fruit Shoot Hydro.

The game features gallons of helium, bags of confetti and balloons. The films were directed by Tomas Mankovsky through Blink Films. Ashidiq Ghazali was the creative director on the ad and the creative team was Kimberley Gill and Mareka Carter.

Post production was by Absolute, with editing through Stitch and the sound by Factory. The campaign aims builds on the Fruit Shoot ‘Skills’ campaign, which launched in 2009 to increase children’s participation in new skills.