FutureVision: Connected health

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James Temple, SVP, Managing Director, Executive Creative Director, R/GA EMEA

R/GA believes in meaningful disruption. Stepping outside the norm to rethink technology and create value in everyday life. FutureVision is where we put this curiosity into words, and earlier this year we partnered with Campaign to deliver the first report in a new kind of thought leadership – more than inspiration and analysis, this is innovation as work-inprogress; a quarterly profile of the latest advances in digital culture, sharing our ideas as they take shape and showcasing new territories as we begin to explore.

Welcome to the second report in this exciting partnership. Right now, we’re in a whole new space, fascinated by the opportunities connected technology is offering to our literal bodies. Fitness trackers that empower the individual to take charge of their training, raw data helping doctors to make efficient and informed diagnoses and initiatives reaching towards global disease prevention. Against a tide of chronic health conditions, ageing populations and shrinking budgets, these advances are building an alternative vision for healthcare, one that is cost effective, compliant and preventative. It’s a fundamental part of our world and we’re excited to have the chance to bring you insight-driven thought leadership on such an important issue.

This edition takes a look at Connected Health from a number of different angles: the generation and collection of personal data, how this can benefit medical research and global disease surveillance, smart devices and the changing relationship between doctor and patient, and perhaps most critical of all, the potential for lasting and positive habit formation by leveraging the right kind of tech.

We hope you find the following articles, interviews and insight-driven trend reports on connected health thought provoking and informative. It’s a subject that is relevant to us all and we’re proud to be partnering with some of the most innovative brands involved in it.

Claire Beale, Global Editor-in-Chief, Campaign

You know when something’s becoming an established part of our industry when somebody launches an award show to celebrate it (and make money out of it).

So when the Cannes Festival of Creativity unveiled the first ever Cannes Healthcare last year, it was the ultimate sign that healthcare marketing had passed a creative watershed – a clear mark that the industry is now at the cutting edge of advertising creativity and innovation. You’ll find the evidence of that in the pages that follow.

It’s no surprise to discover that technology plays a vital role in this leap ahead. Connected devices are transforming how we monitor and improve our health; from fitness tracker apps to smartwatch heart monitors and live diagnoses via mobile phones, the kit now available to the healthcare industry is generating data that is transforming how we take care of ourselves and how we get the best medical treatment when we need it.

So of course smart brands are actively participating in this revolution, searching out new routes to consumers and new ways to be more useful to their customers.

Capitalising on the rise of the quantified self, marketers are now mining these rich new seams of data to improve new product development, explore exciting new creative opportunities and drive positive social change.

You’d expect R/GA to be right in there leading some of this stuff. And it is. Take the agency’s work with Turkish telco Turkcell, for whom R/GA has developed a Healthmetre app designed to help diabetics manage their illness more effectively and develop new healthier lifestyle habits.

Plenty of brands talk fancifully about playing a meaningful role in people’s lives, doing good rather than simply chasing profits and here’s a great example of a brand eliding from one sector to another to do just that. A telecoms company is hardly the most obvious brand to move into the healthcare space, but by creating a utility to improve the quality of life for those with diabetes, Turkcell is embedding its services more deeply whilst enhancing quality of life for its customers.

Showcasing this sort of innovative, inspiring thinking is exactly what Campaign’s content collaboration with R/GA is all about. This is our second FutureVision report together and already we’re building a compelling body of insights into our changing world and the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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