GBK unveils digital strategy for customer rewards scheme

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, the independent restaurant chain, is launching a digital customer loyalty programme through a new website and smartphone app.

GBK: unveils mobile app
GBK: unveils mobile app

The GBK app and its accompanying web-version lets diners locate their local outlet and view menus via a check-in service.

Loyalty points will be awarded against any purchases made and can be boosted by playing the app's games and using social media.

Diners earn "badges" for undergoing certain challenges, which then equate to free food. For example, customers ordering a Habernero burger with extra jalapeno chillies will receive a Fireface badge, entitling them to a free drink.

There are 12 badges to collect and scores will be recorded on the GBK leaderboard.

Consumers can share their achievements by posting them to Twitter and Facebook through the app, which is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Alasdair Murdoch, chief executive, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, said: "We know that now, more than ever, our customers are looking for value, as well as a fun, easy to use loyalty scheme that offers quick rewards.

"Our new loyalty app offers just that. It also allows us to take a more personal approach, rewarding the most frequent customers with extra benefits, according to their tastes."

Gourmet Burger Kitchen launched in 2001 and now has 53 stores across the UK.

Last year the premium burger chain appointed Nonsense to handle its digital marketing and social media account, as it looked to move beyond its previous voucher-centric marketing strategy.