General Motors executives aim to connect with consumers via 'Tell Fritz' website

LONDON - General Motors has emerged from bankruptcy protection in the US with a vow to position itself as a more transparent business.


The ‘New GM' will focus on four brands - Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and Buick - and the overall range will be reduced to just 34 US nameplates by 2010.

Chief executive Fritz Henderson said the manufacturer is rolling out a new website, ‘Tell Fritz', where GM customers can share ideas and concerns directly with senior management. Henderson promises to personally respond to the communications every day, as well as continuing ongoing web and Twitter chats.

‘Today we launch the new General Motors, and our promise is simple.  We will be profitable, we will repay our loans as soon as possible, and our cars and trucks will be among the best in the world,' said Henderson. ‘We recognise that we've been given a rare second chance at GM, and we are very grateful for that. And we appreciate the fact that we now have the tools to get the job done.'