Gillette calls on rugby stars to drive sales of Fusion ProGlide

Gillette is counting on the twin forces of rugby stars Jonny Wilkinson and Brian O'Driscoll to drive sales of its new Fusion ProGlide product range.

Proctor & Gamble, the owner of Gillette, is a high-profile user of sport stars, including Thierry Henry and Roger Federer, to endorse its products.

The new teaser ads mark the first time that England international Wilkinson, a Gillette brand ambassador since 2008, and Ireland star O’Driscoll, have appeared in the same television ad.

The ads, created by AMV BBDO, will appear on  ITV, Sky Sports, ESPN and Channel 4 over the next two weeks.

They will be followed by the launch of a longer version of the ad, which is likely to be accompanied by press and outdoor support.

The ad features the two rugby players surprising unsuspecting rugby fans in a changing room. They ask the fans if they are "ready to take the ProGlide Challenge" and seven hidden cameras capture their stunned reactions, which range from startled to euphoric.

Gillette launches the Fusion ProGile on 25 January and claims that it has thinner blades than Gillette Fusion.

In December last year, Proctor & Gamble dropped Tiger Woods as a brand ambassador for Gillette razors, after revelations that he had a string of extramarital affairs.

Brands are now taking out "disgrace" cover for negative publicity that may be generated by the misbehaviour of celebrities sponsored to represent them.