Gordon Brown to answer to the nation's mothers in live webchat

LONDON - Prime Minister Gordon Brown will be looking to win the parenting vote tomorrow when he appears in a live webchat on leading parenting community website Mumsnet.

Putting the ongoing MPs' expenses scandal to one side for an hour, the PM will take time out of his first week back since the parliamentary recess to be taken to task by the Mumsnet community in an unmoderated session between 1pm and 2pm tomorrow afternoon (Fri Oct 16).

Justine Roberts, managing director of Mumsnet, said many of the 850,000 mums who log onto the site each month are very interested in politics and she was looking forward to listening to Gordon to see if he could persuade the community to vote Labour.

Roberts said: "Mumsnetters are renowned for delving deeply into subjects. I'm sure everything from climate change and education, to his own parenting skills will come up for discussion."

The conversation takes place on the Mumsnet website, and it is understood Gordon Brown will be logging on remotely. Whether he'll have Sarah Brown on hand to help out on the parenting skills questions is unknown, though the Mumsnet community are already speculating she must be a regular user of the site.

Anyone can join the conversation and questions are already flooding in. Judging by what has already been posted the Prime Minister can expect a tough crowd.

Sallypuss asks: "What are the Labour party doing to encourage the stability of the family and hard working people like myself?"

Bossykate writes: "Gordon, would you consider a windfall tax on banks? Considering the generosity of the tax-payer in bailing out and propping up the entire banking system last year, shouldn't some of the profits be socialised if the losses were?"

While describing Mr Brown as "brave" Paolosgirl writes, "I would like to ask him if he really plans to scrap Employer Supported Childcare Vouchers, and if so, why?".