Harper Collins launches online game to back 'Apache'

LONDON - Publisher Harper Collins has launched an online game allowing players to pilot a helicopter gunship to back the launch of 'Apache' by Afghanistan pilot Ed Macy.

The book tells the story of the rescue of Royal Marine Lance Corporal Mathew Ford, which has been hailed as one of the most remarkable and daring rescues of modern wartime.

Macy's bravery on the ground at Jugroom Fort led to him being awarded the Military Cross, which is one of the first in the Army Air Corps' history.

During the rescue Marines were strapped to the sides of two Apache gunships as they withdrew under fire from the Taliban extremists in Afghanistan.

The game, created by Hyperlaunch, is being hosted online by The Sun, which is serialising the book this week.

As well as the game, Sun Online also carries an exclusive video interview with former Apache pilot and gunner Macy. The video contains footage of the Apache in training and the Jugroom Fort Rescue.

From the beginning of September Harper Collins is also offering the chance to download an exclusive audio or text chapter to mobile phones by texting APACHE to 60300.