Heineken 'waiter' by StrawberryFrog

Eva Green stars as her James Bond 'Casino Royale' character Vesper Lynd using the actual Bond film set in the latest Heineken global advertising campaign by StrawberryFrog. Set to the original Bond music, the "waiter" spot follows Vesper Lynd entering the Hotel Splendide to rendezvous with Bond. As Lynd strides across the lobby, she spots a waiter carrying a Heineken on a tray, so she follows him to the lift. As they reach the floor, the screen goes black, and it appears that Vesper has knocked the waiter out to get the Heineken. Later, she walks into Bond's room who shouts from the bathroom: "Have you seen room service? I ordered you a Heineken." The campaign is supported by cinema, online, print, outdoor and consumer competitions.