HHCL & Partners unveils poster work for Robinsons Fruit Break

HHCL & Partners is launching a poster campaign for the relaunch of

Robinsons low-calorie ready-to-drink squash Fruit Break, and is focusing

its creative on the "outdated" view of women's relationships with diet

food and drink.

The campaign pokes fun at the traditional images of thin women in diet

product ads, and stars a garden rake in various situations in each of

the three poster executions.

In one, the rake is dressed in a red bikini frolicking in the surf, with

the copy: "I can't drink it. Strawberries go straight to my hips."

Another shows the rake in a glamorous dress emerging from a limo saying:

"I can't drink it. I balloon if I even look at a peach." The last

features the sunglasses-clad rake lying on a yacht claiming: "I can't

drink it. Grapefruit piles on the pounds." The strapline for all three

is: "Give us a break."

The director of brand marketing at Britvic, Cathryn Sleight, said the

ads promoted a healthier way for women to view diet products.

HHCL's creative director, Steve Henry, said: "The ads expose the

insidious nature of the media's obsession with skinniness but avoid

preaching to women who are fed up with being told how to look."

The campaign breaks on 18 June. MindShare handles the media buying and

planning. The ads were written and art directed by Russ Lidstone, Erica

Leeke, Mike Oughton and Zane Radcliffe.The photographer was Adrian