Home Office 'child protection on the internet' by Profero

Profero's latest campaign to encourage children to stay safe online features the lurking figure of a man with the face of a yellow emoticon. In one rich-media execution, he hangs around outside a house at night. In another, he meets a young girl at the bottom of a dark stairwell. The straplines ask young people why, if they would not put themselves in dangerous situations in real life, they would be prepared to do so on the internet. The agency has also brokered a deal with MSN Messenger that sees an ad appear at the bottom of the messenger screen with the words: "Up4it has added you to his contact list. Allow?" When the child clicks on OK, they are directed to a fake chat screen, on to which the emoticon man appears halfway through the message. The campaign coincides with poster executions by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.