Honda 'hondamentalism' by Wieden & Kennedy London

The 60-second spot opens with a long road. At the far end of the road we see several bright lights. At the near end, we see seven engineers. The voice of Garrison Keillor comes in, saying "an engineer once said, to build something great is like swimming in honey". Our engineers set off on the long road towards the bright lights. As their journey progresses, a strong wind begins to blow -- becoming more intense as they continue, knocking them over and spreading debris around. As they struggle ever closer to those lights they are seen helping each other, carrying each other, spurring each other on against the wind. They reach the lights and the famous "Red H" Honda badge appears. By working together, by helping each other in the massive struggle and challenge to achieve the absolute fullest potential, which only the RedH logo commands, they have reached their goal. That's Hondamentalism.