I wish I'd done ... Israel Anti-Drug Authority campaign

This is what I love about the internet. Someone puts a raw idea out there - in this case, Facebook's Timeline and its split-level look - and five minutes later, someone clever uses it in a campaign. Check this idea from McCann Digital Israel for the Israel Anti-Drug Authority. It might be a fairly obvious idea to do a "with or without" story, but this campaign uses Timeline to great effect.

And this is what I hate about Facebook. The campaign appears to have been pulled by Facebook's Creativity Robocops in the space of a couple of days because Timeline is not officially open for brands yet and can only be used by real people. Whatever that means in the context of Facebook.

I wish Facebook would stop pretending its whole business model isn't based on consumers interacting with brands and just let creative people and agencies have some fun on its website.

Could this be the first Whopper Sacrifice for Timeline? I think it is. Anyway, the creative still lives on YouTube: tinyurl.com/6uzvjcw.


Title: Drugs set your Timeline
Client: Israel Anti-Drug Authority
Brief: Use Facebook's new Timeline feature to show clean vs
drug-addicted life
Agency: McCann Digital Israel
Executive creative: director Nir Refuah
Creative director: Ami Alush
Writer: Daniel Barak
Art director: Nir Herszdtat
Production: Inbal Fanan
Photographer: Gooli Cohen
Account manager: Keren Ashkenazi