Ikea to turn attention to bedrooms during X Factor

Ikea is launching its latest ad campaign 'Happy to Bed' during the first episode of 'The X Factor' tomorrow (20 August), positioning the bedroom as more than just a place to go sleep.

During 'The X Factor' ad breaks, Ikea will air a 60-second TV spot called ‘Playfight’ featuring a wife starting a play fight with her husband and descends into them throwing toys, pillows and socks at each other.

The ad follows the success of last year's kitchen-based ad which followed two men moving between house parties to the Jona Lewie's 1980 hit 'You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties'.

The director of 'Playfight' was Martin Krejci at Company Stink, the producer was Ben Croker and the editor was Filip Malasek. Post production was by Tom Sparks at The Mill and One of Us.

The ad is set to 'Asfalt Tango', a track by Balkan Brass Band Fanfare Ciocarlia and audio post production was by Factory.

The integrated campaign, by Mother, aims to widen bedtime beyond brushing your teeth, taking off any makeup and putting on pyjamas and enacourge people to celebrate bedrooms and make them a "happy destination to go to sleep".

The campaign, negotiated by media agency Vizeum, will include 10-second spots inspired  on Channel 4 running at10.30pm on "school nights" (Sunday to Thursday) to remind people to go 'Happy to Bed'.

The campaign will extend digitally through a free mobile app will set off a bedtime alarm at the right time to fit into the user's sleep cycle and an independent writer will publish a post every day as part of the 'Happy to Bed' blog.

Ikea has also claims to have spent £2.5m redesigning its bedrooms based on research on how people live in their homes and will be targeted to local areas in order to inspire customers to create a happier space in their bedrooms.

Kemi Anthony, advertising manager at Ikea, said: "We want to be the experts in truly understanding peoples' needs, wants and dreams to help them live a happier life at home.

"Through our research, we found that the bedroom is one of the most neglected rooms in the home. In the new campaign we want to highlight that Ikea has everything you need to go happy to bed all under one roof and at prices everyone can afford."