Inside... Ad2One

The digital ad sales house is collaborating with publishers and advertisers to create memorable work. By Cameran Harman.

Our challenge at Ad2One is two-fold: to work with publishers as their sales and ad operations team and to work alongside their own in-house teams to maximise their revenue from digital advertising.

This space has changed enormously in the past couple of years and even top publishers have found that, despite the overall growth in spend, it is increasingly difficult to grow their own premium advertising revenues because of the range of competition. This is where we come in.

A big part of the challenge is to work with publishers to identify and execute their special qualities as a media owner. This can involve solutions as diverse as developing innovative ways to target an audience or opening up new ad placements and integrations. Then, our work with advertisers involves helping them to meet their objectives through standard display on web and mobile. An increasingly important part of our offering involves delivering campaign solutions that augment the brand experience.

Established partners of Ad2One include eBay, Allrecipes,, Transport for London and WeTransfer. However, we’ve had several recent wins including Sony PlayStation, Dixons Retail, Thomas Cook, Nectar and Visit London. Our aim has been to expand the team by creating a specialist group with individuals focused on entertainment, travel and grocery advertising. Another challenge has been to develop our services in terms of outsourced ad operations and programmatic ad management.

In terms of hiring, our focus is on valuing drive and character above pure digital experience. As a result, the office is full of young, enthusiastic, talented people and we continue to hire more of them. We are proud of our meritocratic, collaborative culture and are pleased that we continue to have a reputation for being good people to work with.

Our ambition is to continue to expand our portfolio, strengthen our advertiser relationships and grow a reputation as a great place to work if you are talented and driven.

Cameran Harman is the UK managing director at Ad2One