ITV1 'Primeval' by ITV Creative

ITV Creative, the in-house production arm of ITV, has created a 60-second spot setting the scene and building the hype for its forthcoming sci-fi adventure drama 'Primeval'. It starts by introducing the five lead characters on an ordinary day. The paranormal element is introduced through a series of atmospheric fast cuts focusing on the protagonists' reactions as they travel through a set of strange surroundings. As they do so, a voice over explains who they are and what their specialist field is.
For example: "Abby, Zoologist, likes yoga and lizards. She dissects Dodos." While another says: "Connor, first year paleontology student, belongs to a chess club. Has defied an ancient creature."
Primeval's promotional strapline is "Time for adventure". Supported by press and outdoor executions, created by M&C Saatchi, 'Primeval' airs on ITV1.