J&B 'rabbit man' by KesselsKramer

The Scottish brand, J&B, is renowned for throwing unusual parties in one of its biggest markets, Spain. Previous parties have included a floating disco on a former merchant ship called the Nightology boat.

This summer, J&B is launching a new event called Electric Hotel in Spain's major cities. Every room of a hotel in the selected cities will contain a different event, ranging from DJs and live theatre to comedy, live music and other surprise acts.

To raise awareness of the event, Dutch advertising agency KesselsKramer has created a series of web films to direct the people to the Electric Hotel website.

All the films show people using bizarre methods to power the Electric Hotel. The film shown here is called "rabbit man"; it shows a man dressed as a rabbit, crawling on a giant hamster wheel to power the Electric Hotel.

The Spanish-only website can be accessed at www.jbnightology.com.