Jack White 'disappointed' with Coke Zero's use of Bond song

LONDON - White Stripes frontman Jack White has said he is "disappointed" that the James Bond theme tune he wrote for the new film 'Quantum of Solace' has first been heard in the soundtrack for a Coke Zero ad.

An instrumental version of his song 'Another Way to Die', which is to be performed with Alicia Keys, was heard for the first time in Coca-Cola's Zero Zero 7 Bond tie-in ad last week.

White's management has issued a statement saying: "Jack White was commissioned by Sony Pictures to write a theme song for the James Bond film 'Quantum of Solace', not for Coca-Cola.

"Any other use of the song is based on decisions made by others. We are disappointed that you first heard the song in a co-promotion for Coke Zero, rather than in its entirety."

However, White has previously written a song for Coca-Cola called 'Love is the Truth' which was used in a 2006 ad called 'What goes around' by Mother London.

The Zero Zero 7 TV and cinema ad, created by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, pays homage to the classic Bond film intro sequence, with the gun barrel tracking Bond across the screen.

The campaign is part of Coca-Cola's multi-million pound partnership with the film, which will also include online activity, outdoor ads, a limited edition original glass bottle and an on-pack promotion.

Watch 'Another Way to Die'