Job seekers turn to Twitter

NEW YORK - Young job seekers are turning to micro-blogging site Twitter to search for jobs, using services such as Tweet My Jobs and Twitter Job Search.

Tweet My Jobs launched in February and has more than 6,000 companies using it to send out job listings to local job hunters who are interested in their sectors.

Internet users just need to sign up to Twitter and create an account on Tweet My Jobs to receive text messages which notify them the instant a relevant job ad is posted.

Tweet My Jobs also has over 5000 vertical job channels on Twitter that allow recruiters and hiring companies to target job seekers according to their location and job type.

Separately, users can access Twitter Job Search, which is a job search engine that aggregates all job listings posted on the micro-blogging site.

The listings are available to search via job title, country, city, salary, date posted, skills and job type.

Users who are not members of Twitter can also access the listings on Twitter Job Search.

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