Kellogg turns to Epsilon for global CRM

Kellogg has appointed data specialist Epsilon to build a global consumer website and customer relationship management and analytics platform.

Kellogg: signs Epsilon for global CRM
Kellogg: signs Epsilon for global CRM

The platform will allow Kellogg marketers to analyse customer behaviour and design and execute marketing programmes to drive consumer engagement.

The programmes will be personalised based on consumers’ stated preferences, demographics and stated or inferred needs.

Consumers can sign up for communications from Kellogg brands across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific, and through multiple channels including email, web and mobile.

Larry Bruck, Kellogg’s senior vice president of global media and marketing operations, said: "Epsilon has the global reach, real-time capabilities and CRM expertise in the consumer packaged goods industry that makes them the best partner for Kellogg to further increase consumer engagement across all of our brands.

"By partnering with Epsilon, we will leverage consumer opt-in information to build deeper and more valuable relationships with our consumers by creating highly personalised experiences with each individual."

Bryan Kennedy, president of Epsilon, said: "For consumer packaged goods companies, multichannel marketing presents a unique set of challenges – transactional data is often difficult to obtain, and purchases are typically not made online.

"Leveraging popular communication channels such as mobile, email, social media and the web are vital for creating brand engagement and building loyalty rather than simply driving purchase transactions in those channels, and Epsilon has the capabilities and expertise to drive success in these marketing channels."

Epsilion is a subsidiary of Alliance Data Systems Corporation.