Kick-Ass and Titans deliver million plus impacts for Puma

LONDON - The blockbuster releases of 'Clash of The Titans' and 'Kick-Ass' helped deliver at least one million impacts over the weekend for an African-themed football ad from sports brand Puma.

The Puma ad, created by the New York and Stockholm-based creative agency Syrup, ran in a campaign that was planned and bought by Publicis media agency ZenithOptimedia.

Puma's rival Adidas is an official sponsor of the 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa, and the Puma ad, called 'Love Football Africa', capitalises on football fever as it builds up towards the tournament.

'Clash of the Titans', the newly released 3D blockbuster from Warner Bros, was the most-watched film at the weekend, with an estimated 971,432 impacts, according to figures from Digital Cinema Media.

The second and third most-watched films of the weekend were also new releases. 'How to Train Your Dragon' from Dreamworks, the animators behind 'Shrek', delivered an estimated 969,306 impacts.

The third most watched film was ‘Kick-Ass' from Universal, directed by 'Lock Stock...' producer Matthew Vaughn, which delivered an estimated 792,184 impacts over the weekend.


Total UK box office (27&28 March)
Film title Total box office so far (£)Impacts so farWeekend box office (£)Weekend impacts
Clash of the Titans (Warner)  £5,682,875971,432£5,682,875971,432
How to Train your Dragon (Paramount)  £4,846,532969,306£4,846,532969,306
Kick-Ass (Universal)  £3,881,704792,184£3,881,704792,184
Nanny Mcphee 2 (Universal)  £7,151,9681,787,992£2,600,678650,170
Alice in Wonderland (Disney)  £37,940,1317,588,026£1,285,889257,178
The Blind Side (Warner)  £3,403,289694,549£1,003,855204,868
Remember Me (E1 Films)  £987,310201,492£987,310201,492
Shutter Island (Paramount)  £9,160,0101,869,390£705,499143,979
Bounty Hunter (Sony)  £5,144,2071,049,838£510,237104,130
The Spy Next Door (Paramount)  £1,775,684443,921£256,89264,223
Green Zone (Universal)  £5,429,9031,108,143£170,50334,797
The Girl with the Dragon (Momentum)  £1,540,009314,288£117,72624,026
I Love you Phillip Morris (E1 Films)  £2,298,494469,080£112,73823,008
Avatar (20th Fox)  £91,354,11818,270,824£107,62921,526
Shank (Revolver)  £469,21395,758£68,88814,059

Figures provided by DCM (Impacts are estimates based on box office figures)