KLM offers the chance to win a trip of a lifetime to outer space

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has launched a social media "claim your place in space" campaign, which offers participants the chance to win a space trip for two aboard the SXC Lynx in 2014.

The campaign encourages users to predict the outcome of a high altitude balloon that will be launched from the Nevada Desert to be in with the chance to win a seat into space.

The campaign is designed to showcase KLM’s pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial characteristics, and supports Space Expedition Corporation (SXC), a revolutionary space project that aims to launch the first commercial space trip from the Caribbean island of Curacao from 1 January 2014.

The balloon will be launched on 22 April. As it reaches the outer hemisphere it will expand and eventually burst when it reaches its altitude limit.

KLM is encouraging people to predict the height and location of where the balloon will pop. Whoever makes the most accurate prediction will win the spaceflight.

The balloon’s progress will be streamed live on the klm.com/space website, designed by DDB Tribal Amsterdam and RAPP. 

A GPS tracker and a camera in the balloon itself will stream data directly to the website, which will display real time information of the balloon’s exact location.

The site went live yesterday kicked off with an interactive movie that explains the challenge and give a preview of what the balloon’s journey will be like in advance.

7thchamber, which has worked with KLM in the past, will seed the YouTube video promoting the campaign, helping to driving an audience to the video.

The winners of the campaign will win a flight for two to Caracao, a stay in one of Caracao’s luxury hotels, alongside the SXC space trip.