Lego 'kipper' by TBWA

LONDON - It's a testament to the memorability of its famous "kipper" spot that Lego chose to dust it off and put it on air in cinemas across the UK last year as part of the toymaker's 50th birthday celebrations.

Narrated by Tommy Cooper, the quirky stop-frame animation commercial was as popular within the industry as the public at large.

Indeed, it was voted one of the 100 greatest ads by Channel 4 viewers.

In the film, Lego bricks are transformed into a series of monsters and missile-eating machines.

A resourceful mouse becomes a dog, a fire engine and a kipper when confronted by such adversaries as a dragon, a submarine and an elephant.

This ad was kindly supplied by the History of Advertising Trust from its Arrows Archive - a collection of every entry to The British Television Advertising Awards since 1977.