Levi Strauss 'creek' by Bartle Bogle Hegarty

LONDON - Judged even against the impressive stable of Levis commercials dating back to the early 80s, "Creek" is a true thoroughbred.

Ever since Bartle Bogle Hegarty created launderette, its first breakthrough spot for the brand, successive films have transformed the image of Levis as old-fashioned and uncool and made it market leader, creating huge amounts of PR along the way.

Creek took the brand back to its roots in 1850s America. Shot in moody black and white, the commercial features what appears to be an Amish family picnicking in a remote spot.

The two daughters drift of to a nearby creek where they see a pair of jeans on a rock while their apparently naked owner bathes.

As the soundtrack music reaches a crescendo the man emerges from the water to reveal that he is wearing a pair of jeans and shrinking them to fit. The owner of the jeans turns out to be a scruffy old man.