LinkShare launches Twitter affiliate marketing tool

LONDON - Affiliate network LinkShare has launched a new product allowing members to recommend products via Twitter and receive sales commission.

The LinkShare TweetShop tool enables LinkShare affiliate members to search its database for particular products sold by its merchant members that they want to promote to their followers.

Once a message has been added a tweet featuring a link to the relevant web page is posted onto Twitter.

Both the search for the product, the creation of the message and the publication of the subsequent tweet are all managed using the same interface.

LinkShare is encouraging members to use the hashtag #Tweetshop in their messages in the hope that people using Twitter to search for products will learn to use the phrase.

LinkShare managing director Liane Dietrich said: "With the holidays around the corner and seasonal online shopping on the rise, the LinkShare TweetShop Tool comes at an opportune time for publishers to share more online and take advantage of increased interest among online shoppers

"In the advent of the Twitter-adoption explosion, this new tool brings a host of new possibilities to our affiliate network that is easy, fun and effective at driving revenue."