Marketing Mix: We'll call you - Swizzels Matlow

We're a bit tetchy that our catchphrases are being used on 'chav sweets'. Is Swizzels bothered, though?

SM, good morning.

Mktg I've heard Love Hearts are going to be renamed Whatevers. Is that true?

SM I don't think so, but I'll put you through. Just one moment ... There are some in a certain store, which are called something a little different.

I'll put you through to the order office. Hold on for me.

SM Good morning, can I help?

Mktg Have your Love Hearts been renamed Whatevers?

SM No they're not being renamed. It's a new brand that has been done specifically for Asda.

Mktg Well, I'm a bit offended, as I use words like 'bothered' and 'whatever' a lot, and they are being marketed as 'chav sweets'.

SM Yes, it's something we've done especially for Asda. They actually are called Whatevers.

Mktg Don't you think they might be offensive to some people who use the words featured on the sweets? Why did you decide to launch them?

SM I think it was Asda that approached us. So we've done it specifically for them.

Mktg Are they still selling the originals?

SM Yes, as far as I know.

Mktg Maybe you could put something on the sweets like You are dumped - spelled with the letters U and R - or fuming. How would I go about suggesting them?

SM You could email

Mktg Do they consider suggestions from the public?

SM Sometimes they do, yes. But if you email that address, it will get forwarded to the right department.

Mktg How likely are they to make the sweets with my word suggestions? Do they get many suggestions from the public?

SM I haven't a clue. It's the production department that makes the decisions.

Mktg Can you get personalised love hearts?

SM No, unfortunately not. It's too expensive, as they would have to have special printers made. It's a manually run thing so it would work out very expensive.

Mktg OK, thank you for your help.


The call-handler was able to answer most of my questions, but she was unfriendly and monotonous.

She showed no interest in my concerns about the Whatevers sweets, neither did she display any passion for Swizzels Matlow as a company nor its Love Hearts brand.

This call demonstrates how telephone manner can be just as important as familiarity with the product or brand in good customer-service skills.

Score 5/10.