MARKETING SOCIETY AWARDS for EXCELLENCE 2012: Brand revitalisation

WINNER Foster's (Agency: Adam & Eve)

MARKETING SOCIETY AWARDS for EXCELLENCE 2012: Brand revitalisation
Heineken's relaunch of Foster's lager is one of the brand success stories of the past two years. A tired brand with an incoherent identity, old packaging and a 'No worries' proposition that had become irrelevant, Foster's was in need of a turnaround. Against the background of a declining lager market and intense competition, the Foster's team at Heineken reinvented the brand's identity, commissioned some outstanding advertising, built brand affinity and launched successful innovation in the shape of Foster's Gold.

Agency Adam & Eve was hired to create a new comedy platform for the brand to target 18-34 year old 'Tribal Drinkers'. These guys live for Friday or Saturday nights down the pub or at mates' houses. They face social dilemmas such as whether to move out of home, get married or how to deal with friends who wind them up.

The ad campaign revisted the 'No Worries' theme, but crucially linked the laid-back Australian lifestyle to the down-to-earth reality of life in the UK. This was achieved via a long-distance phone call between a UK Tribal Drinker and the laid-back, self-assured 'agony uncles' Brad and Dan. The 'Good Call' campaign refreshed the 'No Worries' positioning and boosted the brand's comedy status.

This was built with the launch of Foster's Funny, featuring comedy content online from the likes of Alan Partridge and Reeves and Mortimer. The website was backed by Foster's sponsorship of comedy on Channel 4.

Judges called it 'a textbook example of how you overhaul a brand. It looked at everything it needed to do to revitalise the brand and did it impeccably,' they said.


British Airways (Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty)

British Airways' 'To Fly. To Serve' ad campaign has re-ignited pride, passion and belief in the country's national carrier. The brand has been battered from many different quarters for a number of years and gradually lost its identity and meaning. The ad campaign by Bartle Bogle Hegarty aimed to recommit to the core service ethos of the brand but without papering over the cracks. Engagement has revitalised belief in British Airways' core promise and judges praised it as 'strategically very robust'.


Twinings Tea (Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

The upmarket tea brand Twinings has successfully broken out of its niche positioning and managed to persuade its largely female target audience that its range of products is not just designed for special occasions.

The 'Get Back to You' campaign created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, communicated the feeling of restoration - the brand's main promise - using beautiful animated stories to show how the experience of Twinings helps women 'journey back to themselves' so they understand its restorative powers in their everyday lives. The revitalisation strategy led to Twinings' highest-ever market share of 14.1%. Judges said that the radical executions were 'disruptive in a gentle way'.


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