WINNER FreestyleXtreme (Agency: Zone)


FreestyleXtreme (FX) is a growing clothing brand for motocross participants and fans of extreme sports. Although the company sells online, its website was in need of updating in terms of its back-end systems. This provided an opportunity for the business to review its marketing approach and how it could best engage with its loyal customer base.

The brand has a strong social media presence on Facebook, a particularly important channel. However, FX was wary of suddenly charging into this space with a commercial imperative. Instead, it sought to gradually build its credentials in the social arena.

By interacting directly with fans on Facebook, the founders of the business were able to establish what customers wanted. Their answers allowed FX to populate the Facebook site with videos of freestyle celebrities, promotions of freestyle events, competitions, and a Facebook shop app.

At the same time a new order processing and stock control system was introduced to ensure the company could deal with an increase in traffic. It also cut operating costs by 10%, freeing resources for growing areas of the business. This, combined with the Facebook marketing push, made 2011 a bumper year for FX. Facebook visits increased by 200% and overall web traffic by 70%. Sales revenue rocketed by almost 50%.

Judges praised the fantastic levels of staff engagement at FX. 'This is a company that has completely turned itself around,' they said.


Burness (Agency: The Leith Agency)

In the face of a recession that was hitting mid-market law practices hard, Scottish firm Burness took the brave decision to rebrand.

Faced with low awareness and a perception that its brand was outdated, Burness upped its marketing spend for 2010-11 to raise awareness and better define its offer and its personnel, to create a brand that stood out.

Staff assisted, producing the idea that Burness helped 'cut through' clutter. All marketing communications conveyed a smart, stylish and successful firm and staff and clients have responded positively.

Bravery has paid off, with net profit up in 2010 and 2011. Burness has completely revitalised its brand, said judges. 'It's taken a pure marketing approach to a law firm and ditched its stuffy perception.'


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