McDonald's 'great escape' by Leo Burnett London

Men all over the world will recognise the scenario in McDonald's Christmas campaign, in which a man is dragged around the shops by his girlfriend while longing to escape.

The 30-second spot, created by Leo Burnett London, also parodies the classic film, 'The Great Escape'.

In the ad, a young man manages to break away from his shopping-mad girlfriend. The iconic theme tune from 'The Great Escape' is heard as he darts into Santa's grotto, where he finds a secret underground tunnel.

He then tunnels underground before breaking up through the floor of a McDonald's restaurant to purchase the big cheese and bacon burger from the Festive Menu.

However, just as he goes to take a bite, his wily girlfriend catches up with him, foiling his daring escape.

The TV ad is supported by press, outdoor and online activity.