Media Agenda: Channel 5's Nick Bampton says changes have made broadcaster stronger

After 18 months leading the broadcaster's sales team, Nick Bampton, sales director at Channel 5, has revealed the company has embraced change and is confident about the future.

Bampton spoke about the changes since the channel was bought by media outfit Northern & Shell.

He said: "This new team has been at Channel 5 for a year and a half. Not just the sales team or the commercial team, but the whole channel is changing. We're in a pretty confident mood about the future and where we are."

Asked how media agencies were responding to the changes, Bampton said that the industry was evolving and, on the whole, agencies were embracing change.

Bampton said: "What we are moving into now and where the value gains can be had, is through working with clients in a much closer way and extracting value in other ways, for example through social media."

Channel 5 had a difficult start to the year after being locked in a trading dispute with the Havas Media agency, MPG Media Contacts.

However, the broadcaster has gone on to sign a number of major cross-media deals, including Schwarkopf's sponsorship of 'Big Brother'.

Under Bampton's leadership, the broadcaster increased TV revenues by a massive 27% year on year in 2011, against a market that was up 2%. The tough comparatives mean Channel 5's TV ad revenues could decline in 2012.

Bampton was brought in to head up sales at Channel 5 in November 2010. He led a restructure in January last year, designed to enable greater collaboration throughout the company and facilitate cross-media sales with its publishing division.