Media Lifeline: Capital 95.8

The radio station has undergone a lengthy process of reinvention in a bid to win the London market over.

2001: As Capital Radio enters negotiations to extend (to 2003) the contract of its star breakfast DJ, Chris Tarrant, the station hands its ad account (with an estimated budget of £4 million a year) to Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners. The account had been held on an interim basis by Mustoe Merriman Herring Levy since the station's split with Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO in August 2000.

2002: DLKW's brief is to help reposition Capital during a period of change. Its first commercial features an animated city panorama and a track, Starry Eyed Surprise, from Paul Oakenfold, which, when released, shoots to number one in the charts.

2004: And yet more repositioning is inevitable when Tarrant departs, to be replaced in the all-important breakfast slot by the chirpy Cockney Johnny Vaughan. For his launch campaign, DLKW does a "Mockney" Dick Van Dyke (a la the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins) job on Vaughan, making him give it the old knees-up to the one-time music hall hit Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner.

2005: But as breakfast show ratings come under threat from Jamie Theakston's show on Heart, DLKW devises a new campaign to persuade the audience of Vaughan's potential wide appeal. So he once again sings and dances through London in various guises.

2007: The arrival of a new marketing director, Nick Button, in November 2006, results in another rethink - and a new campaign to convince potential listeners that Capital's playlist hasn't become fossilised. The TV campaign, featuring music from Paolo Nutini and The Fratellis, positions the station at the "leading edge of mainstream music".

Fast forward ...

2009: But the leading edge proves to lead nowhere in audience terms, and a survey shows that many listeners feel the station is still neglecting its London heritage. They also want it to be classier and to act like the market leader. So Vaughan is wheeled out, this time in brilliantined Noel Coward mode, smooching through the West End in tie and tails to A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.