Media: Things we like

Music download service Rawrip

A new music download service is being launched that promises to give 100 per cent of the sale of each track to the labels or artists. The service, called Rawrip (, also helps users discover new artists through a piece of technology ("Rippler") that matches new music to the tastes of each user. Its owner, Rockabury Media International, will fund all of this via advertising on the website, which will act as a social networking site for music fans. Some tracks are available to download for free, while others will be sold for the benefit of artist or label.

The Dark Knight

Don't listen to Public Enemy, do believe the hype. Heath Ledger is brilliant in The Dark Knight and definitely deserves an Oscar nomination (and probably the award) for his almost demonically unhinged performance as the delightfully insane Joker. He does have a brilliant script, competent director and astounding cast to work with. The second instalment of the new set of Batman films has absolutely everything you could want from a comic book adaptation and lives up to the extremely high standard of Batman Begins.

Sky's social networking tools

News Corporation's Sky is to launch a range of social media applications across its websites. Called "Sky Community", the new social media tools will offer the creation of user profiles, blogs, forums, polls and the uploading of video content. While registered users can currently blog and chat online, the new tools are aimed at extending these services and building up an online community. Other features include SkyCast, a citizen journalist section, where visitors to the site can upload their own footage of breaking news events.

GQ's Victoria's Secret cover

GQ's September 2008 issue carries a gatefold sleeve featuring scantily dressed models in Victoria's Secret underwear. Dubbed a "special collector's issue" by Conde Nast, the cover is great publicity for Victoria's Secret and evidence of the evolving relationship between magazines and brands. The cover story promotes a lengthy shoot inside the mag featuring yet more Victoria's Secret product. Now you can't buy that sort of coverage ...


Facebook knife crime outcry

Knife crime is a serious issue but the moral media posse is out and seemingly willing to dump on anybody who even dares to mention the word "knife". The latest target is Facebook, which has faced condemnation from all corners for carrying a "super poke" application that allows users to "shank" their friends. Tasteless and misguided definitely, but the application wasn't even created by Facebook and has already been taken down. Knife crime hysteria is running amok so media owners better watch out.