Media: Things we like

London Freewheel

The sponsorship might have moved from Hovis to Sky Sports but the second London Freewheel, which sees a route through the centre of London closed off to general traffic so thousands of cyclists can ride through some of the Capital's most beautiful streets unperturbed by idiot drivers, was an absolute success again. From the simplicity of getting involved (just register online and turn up) to the organisation and even the weather, everything was a success. A truly fun and unique day.

The X Factor on ITV1

Hats off to ITV for the continued audience success of its Saturday night talent contest. Last week's show pulled in 9.3 million viewers, thumping the BBC's wizard drama Merlin, which could only manage 6.6 million. In fact, ITV's success at constructing a convincing Saturday night schedule has led an array of pundits to speculate on the return to a golden age of Saturday night viewing. Good news for advertisers and for the bank balances of Simon Cowell and his fellow judges.

Sky's Ryder Cup coverage

Europe may have slumped to defeat in golf's big event, but broadcaster Sky pulled off a great weekend's coverage, capturing all the action as it built over three days. The traditional linear coverage was backed with some strong interactive features (for instance, the option to follow US broadcaster coverage rather than the Sky stream and the ability to access player profiles), and commentary was knowledgeable and fair. It was just a shame for Sky that Europe didn't put up more of a challenge on the Sunday night, which would have no doubt added to the audience.

Telegraph Media's launch of Telegraph Finance

Oddly, given the turmoil around consumers, some media owners have been cutting back their coverage of personal finance, so the launch of Telegraph Finance, as part of the revamp of, is a welcome move. Telegraph Finance integrates all the Telegraph Media business and personal finance coverage into one channel to blend news with practical advice on finance matters. In these times of great uncertainty, this should be a good service for readers and, when they start spending again, advertisers.


The end of The Wire on FX

Finding someone who has begun watching The Wire and not got completely hooked is like finding a Baltimore corner in the Western District without a drug dealer on it. But now it's over. Monday night saw the very last episode of the drama that has been correctly likened, over its five series, to a brilliant crime novel played out on TV. Praise will pour in and repeat viewings will give extra insight missed the first time round, but there will remain a wire-shaped hole in the TV schedule, and many people's hearts, for a very long time.