New-look Media Week, now in its 28th year
New-look Media Week, now in its 28th year
A view from Arif Durrani

Media Week revamps for the mobile age

Welcome to your new-look Media Week. As you can see, while you've all been enjoying your holidays and watching the cricket, we've had a bit of a summer refurb.

The revamped Media Week is more mobile, more social, easier to navigate and will host more multimedia than before.

More mobile

Our new responsive site has been designed first and foremost to be more smartphone and tablet friendly. As far as professional communities go, you’re an incredibly mobile and tech savvy bunch, but then you already knew that. More than a third of you were already coming to the site via smartphones or tablets, and it was time we adapted accordingly.

More social

We've tried to make it more of a platform for the industry to share ideas and thoughts on too by upweighting the blogs and introducing more social media functionality within the main site. We've also creating an extended Twitterfeed showcase on the homepage, so if you have something to say, now's your chance.

More content

Along with the additions, MediaWeek will continue to be a news and data resource covering the fast-paced media landscape with its two daily bulletins now reaching more than 115,000 registered subscribers. And we'll still be running extended features and weekly interviews with people in the news and company leaders.

So please do get involved, by sending Tweets to @MediaWeek or blog ideas to me or our digital editor Ben Hall.